Some place on Asgard.

Feb 24

Imperfections make us who we are.

  • People seem to think that Rockstars are perfect and have no problems what-so-ever. That they can just take whatever people throw at them. No. They can't always. Even rockstars have problems to deal with.
  • Austin Carlile: Severe heart problems.
  • Mitch Lucker: Severe social anxiety.
  • Andy Biersack: Attention Deficit disorder.
  • Gerard Way: Recovering alcoholic, depression.
  • Frank Iero: Depression.
  • Nick Matthews: Suicidal, depression.
  • Ronnie Radke: Recovering drug addict, ADD.
  • Vic Fuentes: Self-Harm.
  • Alex Gaskarth: Anxiety, panic attacks.
  • Kellin Quinn: Broken family.
  • Oliver Sykes: Bullied.
  • Pete Wentz: Depression, Suicide attempt.
  • Patrick Stump: Adult ADD.
  • Josh Ramsay: Depression. Self Harm. Recovering Bulimic and Heroin Addict.
  • Tom Fletcher: Bipolar, eating disorder.
  • Dougie Poynter: Suicidal, depression.
  • Max Green: Recovering drug addict.
  • No. Band guys are not perfect! Really, they're just like me and you. They have their problems, but like us, they fight through them with music. They'll make mistakes, but they'll learn from them too. You can't judge them by every damn mistake they make. Yes, they make mistakes, but they also learn from them. It's a way of life. We were born to make mistakes to help us learn and grow. Life is about discovering who you are and learning to cope with what you're given, and through music, these guys have done just fine, and I couldn't be more proud of the guys I look up too.
  • Band guys are not perfect. They are only Human.
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